Linkage to the market of jalapeño pepper producers through supplier development in Quintana Roo


Venancio Cuevas Reyes
Blanca Isabel Sánchez Toledano
Rubén Góngora Pérez
Mercedes Borja Bravo
Julia Sánchez Gómez


quality, commercialization, strategy, jalapeño.


Objective: To analyze the jalapeño pepper characteristics and demand of the restaurant sector in Quintana Roo, in order to identify the supply requirements of this sector.

Design/Methodology/Approach: A random sample of n=73 restaurants were surveyed online.

Results: Most of the restaurants (87.5%) have been in business for less than six years and —although most of them sell Mexican food— only 41.6% are interested in purchasing jalapeño peppers from the producers.

Study Limitations/Implications: Producers must invest their social capital in order to firmly establish a supply strategy.

Findings/Conclusions: The restaurants that purchase jalapeño pepper demand a constant delivery frequency, size, pungency level, and specific color.

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