Use of traditional food and proposal for the dish of good eating for the Totonac region TOTONACO PLATE OF GOOD EATING


Rafael García Vazquez
Marco Andrés López Santiago
Ramón Valdivia Alcalá
Blanca Isabel Sánchez Toledano


regional food, dietary diversity, food security.



Objective: To identify the use of traditional food, quantify the main foods consumed in the region, and propose a dish of good eating for the Totonac region.

Methodology: A semi-structured survey was carried out in 328 households of the municipality of Filomeno Mata, Veracruz, Mexico. The Household Dietary Diversity Score (HDDS) and a section were used to obtain information about the regional foods that the local population consumes on a daily basis.

Results: The families recognized a total of 35 regionally-produced vegetal and animal products. Each household that participated in the survey mentioned an average of 7 foods out of the whole list.

Limitations: To improve and implement a good food dish, several elements must be taken into account: age, gender, height, physical activity, or physiological condition, among others.

Conclusions: The registered foods are linked to the local culture and open a door to the generation of various resource-leveraging strategies, such as the dish of good eating for the Totonac region.

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