Perception of and adaptability to the effects of climate change in a rural community of the State of Mexico


Víctor M. Hernández-Rodríguez
Miguel J. Escalona-Maurice
Juan C. Espinosa-Morales
Claudia I. Ortega-Méndez


Food security, agricultural vulnerability, Online surveys.


Objective: To analyze the population’s perception of recent changes in climate patterns and the actions they have taken to adapt to these changes in the El Saltillo community, Municipality of Jilotepec.
Design/methodology/approach: A survey was carried out between September and October 2022, answered online. Social networking and WhatsApp groups were used to disseminate the invitation to participate in the Survey; 96 responses were received, of which 30 were answered on site together with the respondent. Aspects such as socioeconomic data, conceptualization and perception of climate change and adaptability actions were measured.
Results: All the survey respondents mentioned that they perceive strong changes in droughts and frosts in
the last 10-15 years. Of them, 96% stated that they had heard the term climate change in different media; however, it is not a concept that is used to explain the changes that take place in the community. As a result of these changes, the population has chosen to build or enlarge rainwater container mounds for agricultural and livestock use, improve the physical condition of the stables, and begin to use precocious corn seed or more adapted varieties of improved corn.
Limitations on study/implications: The application of surveys online is a feasible and economical option that implies the need to implement data validation, control and verification mechanisms, as well as sampling  of the results.
Findings/conclusions: Adaptation strategies to climate change were identified, showing that they are not spontaneous actions and that they have emerged empirically through daily contact with the phenomenon.

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