The innovation networks of blackberries


Zoe T. Infante-Jiménez
Priscila Ortega-Gómez
Andres Eduardo Coutiño


Blackberries, Networks, Innovation, region, snowball


Objective: Map the innovation networks of blackberry producers in the Los Reyes Michoacán region, as well as to identify the degree of centrality, density and intermediation of the network and some options for improvement.

Design/methodology/approach: Visits and interviews were made to the main collection centers Sunbell, El Cerrito, SPR and Driscoll, to the personnel of Trusts Established in Relation to Agriculture of the Western Region, the Zamora Agency. For the baseline survey, a universe of 50 producers was considered, including partners and main clients; then, all the red was relieved with the "snowball" technique.

Results: 39% of the producers are also dedicated to the production and marketing of avocado. Most of the production (92%) is destined for export. The main collection centers for export are Sunbelle, Splendor and Driscoll. El Molinito and Moradely account for 70% of the total national market.

Agrofertilizadores de Michoacán Agromich, Fertimich, Bucosa and Agrupe concentrate 70% of the inputs sold to producers. The company Procal stands out in the supply and service management network.

Limitations on study/implications: It is a study focused on the Los Reyes region, which could be extended to other regions, crops, and expand the number of actors involved in the study.

Findings/conclusions: The relationships between different actors centralization, inputs-outputs, and intermediation indicators take higher values, which shows the role of producers and key companies (Ere03 and OP01) as source, collector, and articulator actors. It is important to promote high productivity and profitable technologies for innovation

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