Factors influencing caking of cane sugar


María Lourdes Hernández- Reyes
Juan Valente Hidalgo Contreras
Aleida Selene Hernández- Cázares
Juan Pascual-Ramírez


Lumpiness, sugar, path diagrams.


Objective: To identify variables that influence the cane sugar caking process in order to develop a path diagram showing the possible cause-effect relationship between caking and the factors leading to it.

Design/methodology/approach: The methodological work was based on a literature review of the subject following a search through the databases of indexed scientific journals.

Results: Based on the literature review, the most cited causal factors of cane sugar caking are physicochemical properties, packaging, and storage conditions. These factors were used in constructing the path diagram of the caking phenomenon.

Study limitations/implications: Studies carried out on the cause-effect relationship behind this phenomenon have been very limited as evidenced by the small number of scientific papers found on this subject in the search. Additionally, most of these articles are not recent.

Findings/Conclusions: The main factors affecting the development of caking in cane sugar can be classified as: physicochemical (moisture, product temperature and particle size), packaging (liner) and storage conditions (ambient relative humidity and temperature).

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