Evaluation of the application of fertilizers and biostimulants in Zephyranthes lindleyana Herb (Amarylidaceae) under greenhouse conditions


Zayner E. Rodríguez-Flores
Yolanda L. Fernández-Pavía
José García-Cué
Eulogio De la Cruz-Torres
David Jaen-Contreras


biodiversity, biomass, endemic, nutrient, ornamental


Objective: To evaluate the effect of different doses of N, P, K fertilizers and two biostimulants, on growth parameters and vegetative development in plants of the species Z. lindleyana Herb.

Design/methodology/approach: An experiment was established under greenhouse conditions under a CRD; ten treatments with five repetitions were tested, with different doses of N, P and K and two biostimulants. The experimental unit was one plant per pot. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistics, non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis tests (α=0.05). Budding, flowering, leaf height, number of leaves and seed production were measured.

Results: Vegetative development was distinguished in all plants. Only six treatments showed flowering. The percentage of floral and vegetative sprouting did not show delay or advance in the physiology of the plant. In leaf height and number of leaves, different behaviors were detected in the treatments, not detected in the Kruskal-Wallis tests. The plants treated with high doses of NPK fertilization and combined with biostimulants showed inflorescences and seed production.

Limitations on study/implications: Being a native plant with ornamental potential, the collection of this species is a challenge due to the lack of studies on the potential distribution of the species.

Findings/conclusions: This species can be cultivated under a greenhouse and pot planting system. Floral budding, height and number of leaves is stimulated by high doses of nitrogen. The combination of NPK and biostimulants favors development/growth and seed production.

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