Vulnerability of Citrus Growers to Huanglongbing


L. Aguilar-Román
M.C. Vargas-Mendoza
J. A. Villanueva-Jiménez
C.F. Ortiz-García
H. Cabrera-Mireles



Objective: To analyze the vulnerability of citrus growers to HLB in the municipalities of San Rafael and Cotaxtla, State of Veracruz, Mexico.

Design/methodology/approximation: Growers were surveyed about their knowledge, proficiency and perception of the implemented strategies of the Campaign vs the HLB. Vulnerability was integrated in the Risk Index (RI), including grower knowledge and perception towards the Campaign strategies, actions implemented and those that are willing to implement. The RI was compared between localities and was correlated with grower, orchard and confidence in social-actors variables. Organizational involvement of producers was compared.

Results: Citrus growers from San Rafael and Cotaxtla have an intermediate degree of vulnerability, with no significant difference (P = 0.483) among them. RI of growers increases as social confidence decreases (r = -0.302). Organizational involvement of growers is equally low in both localities (P = 0.154).

Limitations of the study/implications: This study does not apply to other communities.

Findings/conclusions: Growers will not be able to respond appropriately and in a relevant way to the new conditions of vulnerability, which might risk the actions implemented with their participation in the Campaign vs the HLB.

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